Fortuna Investment Management

How can you turn your financial dreams into a retirement game plan?

You work with a knowledgeable advisor who understands your needs and the importance of an advanced digital portfolio.

Introducing Fortuna by MML Investors Services


Technology has driven us to expect personalized, accessible, and customized experiences in everything from shopping to listening to music.

That’s why we offer Fortuna, for a strong and connected financial partnership.

This partnership includes you, an experienced financial advisor, and a customized portfolio powered by a state-of-the-art digital platform. 


Your advisor understands your goals and keeps you on track toward them through:

Personalized investing advice. With Fortuna, you can benefit from a plan tailored to your unique financial situation and your advisor is there when you want guidance or as your needs change.

A customized portfolio. Fortuna offers a state-of-the-art investment approach to ensure that your portfolio is monitored regularly, and is automatically adjusted to help you reach your goals.

But the real benefit of Fortuna is confident, connected investing.

You benefit from your advisor’s ongoing support, combined with the convenience of anytime account access and proactive communications that keep you up to date.


Investing for your future is an important journey, watch to learn more.



To see how Fortuna can work for you, get your free customized preliminary proposal—complete with your recommended investment strategy, portfolio mix, and projected path to your goals. Give me a call today at (925) 932 0782 and learn how to get started.